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2020 Sponsorship Opportunities

2020 Total Resource Campaign

The Total Resource Campaign (TRC) allows our Members the chance to select which events to participate in by way of sponsorship.  We have sponsorship levels for budgets of all sizes that are sure to benefit all our Members.

In an organized several weeks, volunteers raise the funding for our Chamber programs for the entire upcoming year.  A TRC markets sponsorships of the Chamber's programs, events, publications, electronic media and recruits new members. Recognition and fund campaign events provide an exciting environment for all volunteers.  The benefits of being part of the TRC; tickets to events; name and/or logo on advertising items; name and/or logo on event/activities advertisements; and once you have chosen the programs; you will not be contacted again for the year.  This is the Chamber's tool to set the budget for the Program of Works

We invite you to click here and browse through our catalog and let us know which ones you'd like to partner with in 2020.

Upcoming Events

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