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Ambassadors Corner

Welcome to the esteemed realm of the Polk County Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors.

Distinguished as the vanguards of volunteerism within the Chamber, our Ambassadors epitomize the epitome of dedication and service. Serving as the Chamber’s veritable frontline, they embody the essence of our organization, tirelessly fostering connections and advocating for the prosperity of our members and prospective affiliates alike.

In their noble pursuit, Ambassadors not only elevate the visibility of their own enterprises but also champion the collective success of our business community. United by a shared commitment to networking and engagement, these individuals cultivate an environment of camaraderie, warmly welcoming new acquaintances and nurturing lasting relationships.

As the cornerstone of our workforce, Ambassadors shoulder the vital responsibility of extending invitations to join our Chamber family while steadfastly supporting existing members. Through their unwavering presence at events, from ribbon cuttings to networking sessions, they serve as invaluable allies, perpetually attuned to the evolving needs of our dynamic landscape.

The Polk County Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Group extends an open invitation to those with a fervent desire to contribute to the growth and vitality of our local businesses and community. Whether you are driven by a passion for networking or a desire to make a meaningful impact, we encourage you to explore the boundless opportunities that await within our esteemed ranks.

Should you seek further insight into the Chamber or aspire to embark on a journey as an Ambassador, we stand ready to assist. Feel free to reach out to our Chamber of Commerce office or any of our dedicated Ambassadors. Your inquiries are not just welcomed but cherished, as together, we strive to empower and uplift every member of our Chamber family.

We are here, steadfast in our commitment to serve and support. Welcome to the Polk County Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors – where excellence meets unwavering dedication.

Thank you,
Megan Rowe
2024 Ambassador President

2022 Ambassadors

Megan Rowe, President               Barbara Justice, Vice Pres.               Alyssa Tolar
Amber Dominy                               Ashley Martinez                                 Christina Wood
Cindy Snook                                    Courtney Sebek                                 David Martin
Debrina Dirden                               Jaime Placker                                    Jared Jernigan
Jennifer Gage                                  Jessica Andreas                                Joshua Ureke
Joyce Knierim                                  Judy Ebert                                         Kaycee Hendrix
Kim Jernigan                                   Kimberly McCroskey                       Kristen Minatrea
Madison Bland                                Mandy Wilson                                   Matt Anderson
Megan Rowe                                    Mike Shukan, MD                             Morgan Wintjen
Paige DeBlasio                                Pam Holmes                                      Philip Allison
Ricky Taylor                                       Ruby Monteaux                                Sandra Vega
Shirley Johnson                               Toahani Williams                              Veronica Hermes

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